About A Loving Eye Photography ~This name for my business came to me one day as I sat on the floor surrounded by hundreds of images I had taken over the decades. I realized in that moment how much affection I have for all I photograph. Whether they be friends, clients, or strangers, a gecko, statue or cloud, I feel my eye and my heart become one with each click of my camera's shutter.
I am available to photograph you and your loved ones in a place of your choice, anywhere in the Amherst area. Although I am open to a variety of subject matter, I specialize in relaxed, natural portraiture, and prefer to use available light as much as possible. I keep it simple, and usually travel light. I don't lug around light stands, heavy equipment, and huge fancy cameras. I just bring my Nikon and usually a reflector, flash, and tripod just in case, and of course... my loving eye.
About Me ~ Ever since I held my first Brownie camera many years ago, I have been enchanted by the power of photography. The thrill of capturing whatever inspired me, along with the ability to preserve those precious places and moments (forever!) on film, has been a gift whose magic has never diminished over time. After spending years in darkrooms developing spools of film and watching paper images come to life in trays of potent chemicals, I now work and play in the digital world. After a long and satisfying career as a teacher, I am enjoying working with my clients for A Loving Eye Photography. If you like what I've done so far, perhaps you'll join me to see what magic we can create together!
(If you are interested in my latest venture, please view my paintings on my other website, lauriedevault.com)