I am no longer seeking clients for my portrait photography business. But as I do occasionally photograph people upon request, I am retaining the information below.    Please visit my painting website http://www.lauriedevault.com to see where my creative focus has been in recent years.

 Before we make an appointment for a photo shoot, I like to talk to my clients about what it is that they envision  for their final product. After discussing the details, such as the time of day and location of the shoot and who (or what) I will be photographing, we may make a time to meet and sign a contract. In most cases, I ask for a deposit,  which is half the price of the sitting fee.

On the day of the shoot, I confirm the appointment with my clients, and review any details such as what people should wear. For example, simple clothing without a lot of busy patterns works best. For families, it looks better if everyone dresses in colors and styles that complement each other, although individuality is encouraged (you know, sometimes the 15-year-old boy in a pink mohawk and piercings just needs to be cozying up to next to the little princess in satin and bows). Sometimes shoots are postponed due to illness and bad weather, and flexibility, good humor, and perseverance will need to prevail.

I travel light, and will not be bringing a crew of assistants to carry lights, back drops, and other equipment. I am most comfortable with just my camera, and maybe a small bag of tricks to cheer up cranky toddlers. Clients should expect to be moved around to different parts of the house, yard, or wherever we are. I always look for the best lighting and background in order to obtain the best possible image for you. 

I invest a great deal in my clients' behalf. I invest my time and my attention to detail both during the shoot and the photo editing process. I hold myself up to the highest of professional standards and strive to satisfy every client. If I am not satisfied with the results of a shoot, I will want the opportunity to take additional photographs.

My clients invest their time and their money, and I respect the value of both. I am committed to giving my clients photographs that can be treasured for their lifetime and even for their future generations. We all are invested in this process. My sitting fee starts at $145 for one person, which includes  a complimentary picture (5 X 7 or of equal value). My print prices range from $6 to $70 at this time, depending on the size. Aside from prints, clients will be able to obtain a variety of products, including CD's, canvas wraps, calendars, photo books, and other items displaying the pictures they and their loved ones will treasure for years.

After I edit your photographs, I load them here into my website. You will be able to view them using the password I assign to you. You may crop them as you wish, and order prints from my website's affiliated lab, Mpix. I will approve your order before the lab prints your pictures, and will inspect them prior to delivering them to you.

I rarely do weddings, but am available to be the secondary photographer who does all the candid shots throughout the wedding and celebration. I am also available for other types of assignments, and encourage you to contact me with your inquiries. And, although I don't  market my photographs, if you see some on this site that you wish to acquire, please let me know. We'll talk.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I thank you for visiting A Loving Eye Photography.

~ Laurie