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Created 7-Nov-13
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My work photographing high school seniors all started when a mother of one of my former kindergarten students called me, remembering that years ago I took black and white portraits of my students every fall.
Her little boy was no longer so little, and needed his high school portrait taken. Thus began this delightful endeavor of photographing these young men and women who once sat on my classroom floor building with blocks and singing "The Wheels on the Bus"
Of course you do not need to be a former student of mine to have your portrait taken, but it sure is fun if you are!
My senior portrait rate is $160 for a photo session in the location of your choice, and includes one digital image to be sent to your school as well as to you, my client. Also included will be a gallery of photos on this site, from which you may select your favorite images for printing... excellent gifts for friends and family!
Please enjoy these images as a slideshow, and use the music icon if you wish to quiet the soundtrack.

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